My fifth time to the Philippines from 14 September tot 8 October 2013

I was already several times (3) in the Philippines in 2012 with the marriage of my brother in La Carlota City.

This year 2013 I was back there for meeting my boyfriend Reynald. He changed many things in my live. From 23 November 2012 we first met on fb and from then on our love becomes more and more important. On the 3 of january 2013 we are engaged and married on the fc. That was also the reason I be back in the Philippines this year 2013 to meet eachother for the first time from 28 March to 18 April 2013.

From the 14 September to 8 October I visit again my boyfriend Reynald for the second time in Baguingin Tigbauan Iloilo Panay, it’s also my fifth time in this beautiful country.

Like always I start again in Belgium on the 14th of September 2013. I fly to London Heathrow, from there over Hong Kong to Manila where I arrive the 15th of September 2013. There my boyfriend Reynald Tayhopon is waiting for me after he been flying from Iloilo to Manila( depart 6h20, arrive 7h25 – PR 930 Philippines Airlines). From there we flying the same day back to Iloilo where we stay in Hotel Del Rio.

Saturday 14 Sept 2013SN Brussels Airlines 2093 – Brussels (BRU) –London Heathrow (LHR) ,
Depart 9h05 Flying time 1h10,
Arrive 9h25 – Airbus A319

Cathay Pacific CX 252 – London Heathrow (LHR)  – Hong Kong ,
Depart 12h30 Flying time 11h35,
Arrive 7h05 Sunday 15 Sept 2013Boeing 747-400

Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747-400BCF taxis t...

Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747-400BCF taxis to the runway at London Heathrow Airport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunday 15 Sept 2013 – Cathay Pacific CX 901 – Hong Kong – Manila (MNL),
Depart 9h Flying time 2h15,
Arrive 11h15 – Boeing 747-400

Philippine Airlines (PAL-PR 935) – Manila (MNL) – Iloilo (ILO)
Depart 16h10 Flying time 1h10,
Arrive 17h20 – Airbus A320-200

Staying Del Rio Hotel Iloilo

Monday 16 Sept 2013 — To the family of my boyfriend in Baguingin where I stayDSC_0171
Tuesday 17 Sept 2013 — Staying in Baguigin with his family thereDSC_0277
Wednesday 18 Sept 2013 – Staying in Baguingin Tigbauan Iloilo  with his family thereDSC_0377
Thursday 19 Sept 2013 – We going to Boracay (6hr journey with bus), for me for the second time (we been there already this year 2013 from 4 to 6 April for 3 nights. This time we stay here for 4 nights in Victory Divers Beach ResortDSC_0451
From Friday 20 Sept, over Saturday 21 Sept to Sunday 22 Sept 2013 we stay in BoracayDSC_0545 DSC_0671
Monday 23 Sept 2013 – We return to Baguingin where I stay with my boyfriends family again for the 3th night

Tuesday 24 Sept 2013 – Staying in Baguingin, but at the evening we going to Iloilo to stay 1 night in The Grand Dame Hotel (we been here already on the 7th to the 8th of April 2013). The reason is the next day we must be up early to catch the boat to Bacolod and then going with the Ceres-line bus to Dumaguete.
24Sept2013BaguiginTigbauanFamilyCondolances (23) 24Sept2013IloiloGrandDameHotel (2) 24Sept2013TigbauanNearestFriends (2) 24Sept2013TigbauanNearestFriends (47)

Wednesday 25 Sept 2013 – From Iloilo with supercat to Bacolod (Negros Occidental) (leaving at 7h30, arriving 10h30 in Bacolod Port). From there to the busterminal to catch our Ceres-line bus to Dumaguete (Negros Oriental) for a journey of 6-7h, to arrive in the evening there. We stay in Hotel Essencia for 4 nights there.
From Thursday 26 Sept, over Friday 27 Sept to Saturday 28 Sept we stay in Dumaguete. We plan to discover the surrounding, like  dolphin/whale watching in Bais (about 40 km from Dumaguete), also Apo Island and even we been in Cebu (Kawasan Falls).
25Sept2013CeresBusBacolodDumagueteNegrosOccidentalOriental (46) 25Sept2013DumagueteMeetingFamily (7)25Sept2013DumagueteNegrosOriental (2)25Sept2013HotelEssenciaDumagueteNegrosOriental (6)

26Sept2013ApoIslandNegrosOriental (11) 26Sept2013ApoIslandNegrosOriental (77)26Sept2013ApoIslandNegrosOriental (33)    KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA26Sept2013SillimanUniversityDumagueteNegrosOriental (20)

27Sept2013BaisCityNegrosOriental (8) 27Sept2013BaisCityNegrosOriental (106) 27Sept2013BaisCitySandsBarNegrosOriental (190)

28Sept2013BoatNegrosOrientalKawasanFallsCebuIsland (45) 28Sept2013BoatNegrosOrientalKawasanFallsCebuIsland (112) 28Sept2013CebuIslandKawasan Falls (88) 28Sept2013CebuIslandKawasan Falls (200) 28Sept2013CebuIslandKawasan Falls (229)28Sept2013CebuIslandKawasan Falls (84)

Sunday 29 Sept 2013 – Leaving Dumaguete and go to La Carlota to visit my sister in law Madelyn Villaluna. There we stay for 2 nights with the family.
29Sept2013LaCarlotaNegrosOccidentalFamilyMadelyn (6) 29Sept2013LaCarlotaNegrosOccidentalFamilyMadelyn (11) 29Sept2013LaCarlotaNegrosOccidentalFamilyMadelyn (15) 29Sept2013LaCarlotaNegrosOccidentalFamilyMadelyn (21) 29Sept2013LaCarlotaNegrosOccidentalFamilyMadelyn (29)
Monday 30 Sept 2013 – Staying in La Carlota to visit the family and being to Buenos Aires Mountain Resort and Campuestohan Highland Resort at Talisay City.
30Sept2013BuenosAiresMountainResortNegrosOccidentalFamilyMadelyn (56) 30Sept2013CampuestohanHighlandResortTalisayCityNegrosOccicentalFamilyMadelyn (32) 30Sept2013CampuestohanHighlandResortTalisayCityNegrosOccicentalFamilyMadelyn (36) 30Sept2013CampuestohanHighlandResortTalisayCityNegrosOccicentalFamilyMadelyn (39) 30Sept2013CampuestohanHighlandResortTalisayCityNegrosOccicentalFamilyMadelyn (160) 30Sept2013LaCarlotaCityNegrosOccidentalFamilyMadelyn (20) 30Sept2013LaCarlotaCityNegrosOccidentalFamilyMadelyn (34) 30Sept2013LaCarlotaCityNegrosOccidentalFamilyMadelyn (55)
Tuesday 1 Oct 2013 – Leaving La Carlota, going to Bacolod to take the supercat boat again to Iloilo, from there back to the family of my boyfriends family in Baguingin Tigbauan Iliolo Panay. We stay there for the 2 last nights with his family for we go to Manila.
1Okt2013BaguinginTigbauanReynaldRoom (5) 1Okt2013BaguinginTigbauanReynaldRoom (8) 1Okt2013LaCarlotaCityNegrosOccidental (11) 1Okt2013SMBacolodNegrosOccidentalFamilyMadelyn (4) 1Okt2013SMBacolodNegrosOccidentalFamilyMadelyn (11) 1Okt2013SMBacolodNegrosOccidentalFamilyMadelyn (14) 1Okt2013SMBacolodNegrosOccidentalFamilyMadelyn (17)

Wednesday 2 Oct 2013 – Staying in Baguingin, preparing for leaving tomorrow to Manila.
2Okt2013BaguinginTigbauanRoomReynaldFamilySheena (9) 2Okt2013SMIloiloReynaldSheenaPanay (1) 2Okt2013SMIloiloReynaldSheenaPanay (15) 2Okt2013SMIloiloReynaldSheenaPanay (21) 2Okt2013SMIloiloReynaldSheenaPanay (29)

Thursday 3 Oct 2013 – Leaving Baguingin Tigbauan to Iloilo Airport
PR 932 Philippines Airlines- Iloilo (ILO) – Manila (MNL),
Depart 10h20 Flying time 1h05,
Arrive 11h25 – Airbus A320-200
We staying for  5 nights in Mabini Mansion Hotel Manila
3Okt2013VluchtIloiloManila (15)

Friday 4 Oct , Saturday 5 Oct, Sunday 6 Oct and Monday 7 Oct we visit together Manila.
It’s my first time there (except my several stays just on the Airport there). My boyfriend won’t to visit his family in Quezon City (Sundayafernoon 6 Oct) and friends there. We been on the 4 of Oct in the Belgian Embassy to start the apply for the Shengenvisa for my boyfriend.  we Vist on Fridayafternoon 4 Oct Ocean Park. On Saturday 5 Oct we been for a whole day to Tagaytag Ta-al Volcano. Then the Sunday 6 oct we been togehter with Madelyn (my sister in law) tot Intramuros. Our last day in Manila on Monday 7 Oct was visiting Rizal Park and the Mall of Asia.
4Okt2013ManilaOceanPark (46) KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA 6Okt2013ManilaToQuezonCityFamilyReynald (30) 6Okt2013ManilaFamilyReynaldQuezonCity (49) 7Okt2013ManilaChinaTownReynaldFriend (12) 7Okt2013ManilaRobinsonMallGoodbyeEatingMadelyn (13)

Tuesday 8 October 2013, im going back home and my boyfriend Reynald returns back to Baguingin Tigbauan Iloilo Panay ( PR 931 Philippines Airlines, Depart 8h40 , Arrive 9h50, Flying time 1h10)

Tuesday 8 October 2013 – Cathay Pacific CX 904 – Manila (MNL) – Hong Kong,
Depart 6h20 Flying time 2h25,
Arrive 8h20 – Boeing 777-300ER

Cathay Pacific CX 239 – Hong Kong – London Heathrow (LHR),
Depart 10h25 Flying time 12h50,
Arrive 16h15 – Boeing 777-300ER

Boeing 777-300ER operated by Japanese flag car...

Boeing 777-300ER operated by Japanese flag carrier Japan Airlines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

British Airways BA 400 – London Heathrow (LHR) – Brussels (BRU) ,
Depart 18h40 Flying time 1h10,
Arrive 20h50 – Airbus A319


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