For the seventh time from 17 april to 9 may 2014 – visit to the Philippines and Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Bangkok

For the 4th time I go to visit again my ‘schatje’, after a nice year 2013 with 3 visits we both go a step further outside the Philippines. It should be the first time that my ‘schatje’ goes outside his country for a visit to another part of Asia. First we go to  visit Singapore (my second time after my first visit in 2009). Then we take the daytrain from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Then again the daytrain to Penang (Malaysia). There we take the nighttrain to Bangkok (Thailand). After this adventure we go back to his place in Panay, Tigbauan, Baguigin to stay with his family.

17/apr Thu flight Brussels (BRU) 11h20 before noon – Abu Dhabi (AUH) 8h evening  (Mart) White Thursday
18/apr Fri flight   Abu Dhabi (AUH) 2h20 – Manilla (MNL) 3h20 afternoon (Mart) + flight Iloilo 10h20-Manila 11h25   (Reynald 1 person) Good Friday Staying Manila – Copacabana Apartment Hotel -2 nights
19/apr Sat Staying in Manila –   preparing for Singapore Black Saturday Staying Manila – Copacabana Apartment Hotel -2 nights
20/apr Sun Flight Manila-Singapore   Jetstar 3K762 10h35 , arriving at 2h10 afternoon Easternsunday Staying Singapore – Le Hotel Carpenter Street – 4 nights
21/apr Mon Staying Singapore using Singapore Pass with   to visit to Universal Studios (Sentosa Island) Easternmonday Staying Singapore – Le Hotel Carpenter Street – 4 nights
22/apr Tue Staying Singapore also visiting Singapore   Zoo and Jurong bird park, the Singapore Flyer, taking  the bus and Captain Explorer Staying Singapore – Le Hotel Carpenter Street – 4 nights
23/apr Wed Staying Singapore also visiting the   Aquarium and Dolphin langoon on Sentosa Island, also Marina Bay Sands Park Staying Singapore – Le Hotel Carpenter Street – 4 nights
24/apr Thu Train 2 Singapore- Kuala   Lumpur departure 8h30 morning   Woodlands – arrival 3h50 afternoon Sentral Station Kuala Lumpur Staying Kuala Lumpur – Melia Kuala Lumpur – 3 nights
25/apr Fri Staying Kuala Lumpur – 3   nights organised trip to Batu Caves, Elephants + Fireflies (incl dinner en lunch) depart 9h15 Hotel   pickup, back 9h evening at Hotel Staying Kuala Lumpur – Melia Kuala Lumpur – 3 nights
26/apr Sat Staying Kuala Lumpur – 3   nights Petronastwintowers 2h in the afternoon Staying Kuala Lumpur – Melia Kuala Lumpur – 3 nights
27/apr Sun Train 2 Kuala Lumpur-   Butterworth (Penang) Thai border departure 3h50 afternoon   Sentral Station Kuala Lumpur – arrival 10h evening Butterworth (Penang) Staying Butterworth (Penang) – East Indies Mansion- 1 night
28/apr Mon SleepTrain 36 Butterworth   (Penang) – Bangkok departure 2h30 afternoon   Butterworth (Penang) One night on the train to Bangkok
29/apr Tue Staying Bangkok (- 1 hour to the Philippines)  – arrival 10(13)h30 morning   Bangkok Hualamphong station Staying Bangkok – Baiyoke Sky Hotel – 3 nights
30/apr Wed Staying Bangkok (- 1 hour to the Philippines) Staying Bangkok – Baiyoke Sky Hotel – 3 nights
1/may Thu Staying Bangkok (- 1 hour to the Philippines) organised trip in the old   city part with much canals  depart   8h, back 3h45 afternoon (to and from hotel) labourday Staying Bangkok – Baiyoke Sky Hotel – 3 nights
2/may Fri Flight Bangkok-Manila   (early morning  (minus 1 hour differences to the Philippines)) -Kuwait Airways 12h noon, arriving 4h25 in the afternoon Staying Manila – Victoria Court Cuneta Motorist Lodge- 1 night
3/may Sat Flight Manila   12h30-Iloilo 1h40 (in the afternoon) Staying Reymart’s Hotel Baguingin
4/may Sun Staying Baguingin Staying Reymart’s Hotel Baguingin
5/may Mon Going to La Carlota (Negros Occidental) Staying La Carlota (with the family of my sister in law Madelyn)
6/may Tue Staying in La Carlota (Negros Occidental) Staying La Carlota (with the family of my sister in law Madelyn)
7/may Wed Going back to the home of my boyfriend Reynald Staying Reymart’s Hotel Baguingin
8/may Thu Flight Iloilo   2h20-Manila 3h25 (in the afternoon) Staying Manila – Manila Airport Hotel -1 night with early go   to airport 10-11hr in the evening
9/may Fri flight   Manilla (MNL) 1h night – Abu Dhabi (AUH) 5h45 morning (Mart) 9h 05 morning –   Brussels (BRU)  2h15 afternoon+ flight Manila 12h30 -Iloilo 1h40 (Reynald 1 person)
15 nights in 7 hotels
Manila 2 nights/Singapore 4   nights/Kuala Lumpur 3 nights/Bangkok 3 nights/Manila 2 nights
1 night on the train   (Penang-Bangkok)

Thursday 17 April 2014 Etihad Airways (EY) – 58 Airbus A330-200 National Arpt (BRU)-11:20 Dhabi Intl Arpt (AUH), Terminal  3 Abu Dhabi –8:00 evening

Friday 18 April 2014 Etihad Airways (EY) – 424 Boeing 777-300 Dhabi Intl Arpt (AUH), Terminal  1 Abu Dhabi –2:20 Ninoy Aquino Intl (MNL), Terminal  1 –3:20 afternoon

Also at the same day my boyfriend Reynald takes a flight from Iloilo to Manila Iloilo (ILO), Iloilo International Airport, 10:20 Manila (MNL), Ninoy Aquino International Airport, 11:25 Terminal 2 Philippine Airlines PR 932 Airbus A320-200

Friday 18 April tot Saturday 19 April 2014 Staying in Manila for 2 nights – preparing for going to Singapore on Sunday 20 april Hotel Copacabana Apartment Hotel Manila

Sunday 20 April 2014     Flight to Singapore Manila – Ninoy Aquino International (MNL) Terminal 1 – Jetstar Asia Airways 10:35 Flight 3K  762 Airbus A320 Singapore – Changi Airport Terminal 1 – Singapore (SIN) 2:10 afternoon

Staying in Singapore from  Monday 20 April 2014 to Thursday 24 April (4 nights) Le Hotel Carpenter Street

In this 3 days we try to explore Singapore, this interesting citystate, just near the equator with a very humate climate. Only one season year round tropical temperatures and rain. Places like Chinatown town, little India are interesting to see. Also Sentosa Island with his many activities like Universal Studios, Aquarium and Dolphin Lagoon and many other choices. Then the modern part of Singapore with Marina Sands Bay, or the Singapore River. Not to forget the nice Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird park. The Singapore flyer where you can have a view on the city. And not to forget orchid gardens.
20April2014SingaporeMarinaBaySurroundingsReyTakenPic (4) 20April2014SingaporeMarinaBaySurroundings (59) 20April2014SingaporeMarinaBaySurroundings (90) 21April2014SingaporeBreakfastNearCarpenterStreet (4) 21April2014SingaporeUniversalStudiosSentosaIsland (67) 22April2014SingaporeMarinaBayHarbourCaptainExplorerDUKW®Ride (32) 22April2014SingaporeGardensByTheBayReyTakenPic (7) 22April2014SingaporeGardensByTheBay (10) 22April2014SingaporeGardensByTheBay (16) 22April2014SingaporeGardensByTheBayReyTakenPic (28) 22April2014SingaporeGardensByTheBayReyTakenPic (55) 22April2014SingaporeGardensByTheBay (76) 22April2014SingaporeMarinaBayHelixBridgeSurroundingsReyTakenPic (1) 22April2014SingaporeGardensByTheBayFunVeeNightAdventureOCBCGardenRhapsody (12) 23April2014SingaporeSentosaIslandUnderWaterWorldOceanariumReyTakenPic (22) 23April2014SingaporeSentosaIslandUnderWaterWorldOceanarium (18) 23April2014SingaporeFlyerViewMarinaBay (26) 23April2014SingaporeMarinaBayMerlionParkReyTakenPic (1) 23April2014SingaporeMarinaBayMerlionParkReyTakenPic (2) 23April2014SingaporeMarinaBayMerlionParkReyTakenPic (3) 23April2014SingaporeMarinaBayByNightReyTakenPic (6) 10341603_764207453624065_4503817807308654844_n

Thursdag 24 April 2014 Going to Woodlands Checkpoint Station to catch our daytrain 2 to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). This checkpoint Station is the boarder with Malaysia and Singapore. From there we start our yourney tru Malaysia and Thailand with arriving in Bangkok at Thuesday 29 April 2014.

 Singapore   Woodlands depart 8:30
 Johor Bahru depart 8:35
 Gemas arr/dep 1:06
 Tampin arr/dep 1:53
Kuala Lumpur (Sentral station) arrive 3:50 (afternoon)

We stay to 3 nights in Kuala Lumpur From Thursday 24 April to Sunday 27 April 2014 Melia Kuala Lumpur

In the 2 days we be in Kuala Lumpur (KL), the first day we explore the city, maybe also try to find a tour to see the surrounding of Kuala Lumpur.

The second day we explore with bus the modern city with highlights the Petrona twin towers and Kuala Lumpur tower. And if time let us go to the Aquarium and maybe see the old town of KL.
25April2014KualaLumpurMalesiaPresidentieelPaleisOldOneReyTakenPic (2) 25April2014KualaLumpurMalesiaPresidentieelPaleisOldOne (1) 25April2014KualaLumpurMalesiaOorlogsmonument (18) 25April2014KualaLumpurMalesiaPetronasTwinTowersReyTakenPic (3) 25April2014KualaLumpurMalesiaPetronasTwinTowers  (7) 10168200_758438157534328_1986329434265335401_n 25April2014KualaLumpurMalesiaPetronasTwinTowersReyTakenPic (5) 26April2014KualaLumpurMalesiaVisitPetronasTwinTowersReyTakenPic (35) 26April2014KualaLumpurMalesiaVisitPetronasTwinTowers (100) 25April2014MalesiaSilverLeafMonkeysFortAltingsburgMelawatiHillStraitsofMalacca (3) 25April2014MalesiaSilverLeafMonkeysFortAltingsburgMelawatiHillStraitsofMalaccaMeTakenReyCamera (22)

Sunday 27 April 2014 we take our second daytrain 2 from Kuala Lumpur to Penang (Georgetown) Island (Butterworth on land) (near the Thai border). At arrival we stay for one night on Penang Island.

 Kuala Lumpur (Sentral station)  

3:50 (afternoon)

 Ipoh arr/dep


 Butterworth  (for Penang by frequent   ferry) arrive

10:00 (evening)

We stay for one night (from Sunday 27 April to Monday 28 April 2014)
at East Indies Mansion
Maybe we time to see around the Mansion to explore this nice Island that’s a Unesco Historical Site.
28April2014PenangGeorgetownMalesia (1) 28April2014PenangGeorgetownMalesia (5) 28April2014PenangGeorgetownMalesia (64) 29April2014TrainButterworthMalesiaViewPartThailandBangkok (1)29April2014TrainButterworthMalesiaViewPartThailandBangkok (17)
In the afternoon of Monday 28 April 2014 we take the sleeptrain 36 to Bangkok, where we arrive next day Tuesday 29 April 2014 at Hua Lamphong Railway Station.

depart 2:30 (afternoon)
 Alor   Setar arr/dep 4:41
 Arau arr/dep 5:23
 Padang   Besar (Malaysian border, Malaysian time-customs to Thailand) arrive 6:00 (evening)
 Hat   Yai  (for bus to Phuket) (Thai time 1hr difference minus1h compare to Malaysia) arrive


depart 6:45
 Surat   Thani arrive 11:54  (midnight)
 Chumphon arrive


2:34 (at night of Tuesday 29 April 2014)
 Hua Hin arrive 6:29
 Nakhon   Pathom  (for train to River   Kwai) arrive 9:03
 Bangkok (Hualamphong station) arrive 10:30

(or 13:30)

From Tuesday 29 April to Friday 2 May 2014
staying for 3 nights in Baiyoke Sky Hotel

On the first day of our visit Wednesday 30 April 2014 we try to explore the city with the most important highlight in circle around our hotel. Then the second day, Thursday 1 May 2014 (Labourday – holiday in Thailand) we take a organised canaltour (small Teak Boat Canal Adventure – Weekend Discovery– depart  8h, back 3h45 afternoon (to and from hotel)) in the old innercity to visit markets and other interesting places.
29April2014BangkokThailandStreetlifeAroundBaiyokeSkyHotel (5) 29April2014BangkokThailandStreetlifeAroundBaiyokeSkyHotel (14) 29April2014BangkokThailandStreetlifeAroundBaiyokeSkyHotel (15) 29April2014BangkokThailandInTheRoomBaiyokeSkyHotelReyCamera (8) 30April2014KanchanaburiWarCemeteryDonRakRiverKwaiAreaThailandReyTakenPic (8) 30April2014KanchanaburiWarMuseumRiverKwaiAreaThailandReyTakenPic (11) 30April2014KanchanahuriTrainToWampoViaductRiverKwaiAreaThailand (5) 30April2014KanchanahuriTrainToWampoViaductRiverKwaiAreaThailand (12) 30April2014KanchanahuriTrainOnWampoViaductRiverKwaiAreaThailand (14) 10325710_761817573863053_5693318800483018456_n 30April2014NearKanchanahuriBambooRiverRaftingThailandReyTakenPic (9) 30April2014NearKanchanahuriElephantRidingThailand ReyCamera (8) 1Mei2014BangkokThailandSmallTeakBoatCanalAdventureFloatingMarketReyTakenPic (7) 1Mei2014BangkokThailandSmallTeakBoatCanalAdventureFloatingMarket  (25) 30April2014KanchanaburiWarMuseumRiverKwaiAreaThailand (31) 1Mei2014BangkokThailandSmallTeakBoatCanalAdventureFloatingMarketReyTakenPic (18)1Mei2014BangkokThailandSmallTeakBoatCanalAdventureFloatingMarketReyTakenPic (40) 1Mei2014BangkokThailandSmallTeakBoatCanalAdventureFloatingMarket  (147) 1Mei2014BangkokThailandFromBaiyokeSkyHotel   (2)

Friday 2 May 2014 – going back to the Philippines – Manila to stay there for one night. Bangkok (BKK) to Manila (MNL) Kuwait Airways KU 0411 Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) 12:00 Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) Terminal 1 4:25 (afternoon) Airbus A340 Economy

Staying in Manila for one night (from Friday 2 May to Saturday 3 May 2014) before next day we go back to the family of my boyfriend Reynald
in Baguingin Tigbauan Iloilo.
Victoria Court Cuneta Motorist Lodge

Saturday 3 May 2014 flight back from Manila to Iloilo
Manila (MNL), Ninoy Aquino International Airport,12:30 Terminal 2
Iloilo (ILO), International Airport, 1:40 afternoon Philippine Airlines PR 933
Airbus A320-200
3Mei2014ManilaTerminalWaitingFlightIloiloReyCamera (2)

Saturday 3 May and Sunday 4 May 2014 staying for 2 nights with the family of my boyfriend to become from our yourney to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
3Mei2014ManilaTerminalWaitingFlightIloiloReyCamera (2) 3Mei2014BaguinginTigbauanIloiloRoom (3) 4Mei2014FamilyReynaldBaguinginTigbauanIloiloPanay (18) 4Mei2014FamilyReynaldBaguinginTigbauanIloiloPanay (30) 4Mei2014FamilyReynaldBaguinginTigbauanIloiloPanay (50) 4Mei2014FamilyReynaldBaguinginTigbauanIloiloPanay (54) 4Mei2014FriendsReynaldFamilyHouseBaguinginTigbauanIloiloPanay (6)

Monday 5 May 2014
In the morning going to Iloilo and from there get the ferry to Bacolod.
Then again to La Carlota City  (Negros Occidental) to stay for 2 nights with the family of my sister in law Madelyn Villaluna. It’s then already the 4 time I should be there with my boyfriend Reynald and the 7th time for me.

Tuesday 6 May 2014
Staying in La Carlota City (Negros Occidental).
6Mei2014VisitFamilyLaCarlotaNegros (6)

Wednesday 7 May 2014
Going back to Iloilo over Bacolod where we take the ferry back to the home of my boyfriend Reynald and his family. Staying there for one night only (our real last night together).

Thursday 8 May 2014, taking afternoon flight back to Manila from Iloilo, also my last day in the Philippines , in the early morning of Friday 9 May 2014 im going home again after my 4x 3weeks visit to my boyfriend and his family in the Philippinnes.
Iloilo (ILO), Iloilo International Airport, 2:20 afternoon
Manila (MNL), Ninoy Aquino International airport, 3:25 afternoon
Terminal 2 Philippine Airlines PR 934 Airbus A320-200

Staying for one night (for me not realy, more for my boyfriend because he goes back next day Friday 9 May 2014 at noon)
Manila Airport Hotel

Friday 9 May 2014 going back to Belgium and my friend to his family in Baguigin Tigbauan

Etihad Airways (EY) – 421 Boeing 777-300 Ninoy Aquino Intl (MNL), 1:00 Terminal  1
Dhabi Intl Arpt (AUH), Terminal  3 –5:45 morning

Etihad Airways (EY) – 55 Airbus A330-200 Dhabi Intl Arpt (AUH), 9:05 Terminal  3
National Arpt (BRU)- –2:15 afternoon

Then also the flight back of my boyfriend Reynald to Iloilo
Manila (MNL), Ninoy Aquino International Airport, 12:30 Terminal 2
Iloilo (ILO), International Airport 1:40 afternoon Philippine Airlines PR 933 Airbus A320-200


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